Todd Webb: New York, 1946

This title is a remarkable story told through Todd Webb's journal entries. Webb's association with Alfred Stieglitz was an intimate one, as his was with Berenice Abbot, Beaumont Newhall, Harry and Eleanor Callahan (housemates), Georgia O'Keefe, and others. 1946 was an auspicious year that saw the deaths of Stieglitz, Gertrude Stein, Joseph Stella, Arthur Dove, and Moholy-Nagy. This is a rare look into New York, the life of Webb, and those in his circle that have defined the standard for a great photograph, then and now.

Worlds Apart

One of the most ambitious bindings ever created by 21st Editions inspired by the true livre d'artistes of the past, with inlays of stone vaneer, mother of pearl, stingray, wood, and copper. Each book will be unique.

"Michael Murray will very soon be recognized for what he is - a great visionary who depicts the world with technology he has been refining for four years. He is certainly the very first to have perfected this 360 degree interpretation of the world. With "Worlds Apart," this contemporary visionary brings together the past, present, and future with a presentation that includes a unique binding, folio, and sculpture."- Steven Albahari

The Janus Turn

“George Tice’s Treescapes and Adam Johnson’s novels and short stories unite the work of two American masters one might think were radically dissimilar. However, in truth they share a similar emotionally ominous vision.... Adam Johnson’s award winning novels, such as his Pulitzer Prize winning Orphan Master’s Son, Parasites Like Us, and his short stories, are well-known for their darkness, for the sharpness and twist of a dull and bitter blade, yet with a redemptive quality usually also present. What then is the commonality these two profound and quintessentially American artists share? I would suggest that it is their rich, deep under-standing of the complexity of the human condition, that Janus turn of the head...” -John Wood