Cracked: The Art of Charles Grogg

Cracked: The Art of Charles Grogg
Poems by John Wood
Edition: 38 copies
10 signed bound platinum prints on Gampi Torinoko handmade paper
3 loose, 20 x 24 inch signed platinum "Reconstructions" on Gampi Torinoko
Mammoth, upright, 20 x 21 1/2 inches

Handcrafted in New England


Charles personally printed all thirteen platinum prints for this book on Japanese Gampi Torinoko, a paper now unavailable since the death of its Japanese maker. It is perhaps the most rare and luxurious paper we have ever seen used in platinum printing.

Three of the ten platinum prints in the book include a hand-sewn application by the artist. The three loose prints known as "Reconstructions" are large 20 x 24-inch works that are each constructed of nine original solar exposed platinum prints, all sewn together to create the final image. One of these loose prints also includes additional hand-sewn elements.