Jack Spencer | CARl Gustav jung



12 bound, signed pigment-ink prints
signed triptych presented in 4 color buffalo
edition of 16

For the past twenty years, Jack Spencer has photographed the myth-thick soils of Mexico and the American South. His images wear the apparitions of places steeped in ritual, magic, and local fiction. Creatura is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between 21st Editions and Jack Spencer, accompanied by Carl Jung’s Seven Sermons to the Dead.
In Creatura, Spencer goes into deep terrain, turning the camera toward the mythologies within himself. The photographs embody the "wonder of making something that never existed" and that will never exist again.

“This series of mine is not about classical mythology but simply borrows from that supernatural essence. It’s about the fleeting moments of imaginary characters who last for only a brief moment and then are gone. The figures in these images are ghosts who appear in a sometimes glorious or even sublime fashion—never having existed before and never existing again. Their only existence is in these prints. They bear little resemblance—in fact, almost none—to the actual models who participated in the endeavor.” (Jack Spencer)


THE Triptych