Misha Gordin - Crowd and Shadows of the Dream

Crowd and Shadows of the Dream
Silver gelatin photographs and poems (Crowd) by Misha Gordin
Selected text edited by John Wood
Edition: 47 numbered sets
Each book includes 15 bound, plus 1 free-standing, silver gelatin prints
14 x 16 3/4 inches
Handcrafted in New England


"To help others where one can is a duty, and besides this there are many spirits of so sympathetic a temper that, without any further motive of vanity or self-interest, they find an inner pleasure in spreading happiness around them and can take delight in the contentment of others as their own work. Yet I maintain that in such a case an action of this kind, however right and however amiable it may be, has still no genuine moral worth. It stands on the same footing as other inclinations-for example, the inclination of honor, which if fortunate enough to hit on something beneficial and right and consequently honorable, deserves praise and encouragement, but not esteem." 

-Immanuel Kant, from Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
(Included in Shadows of the Dream)

To break through the stillness of a fear
To burn the gates of brutal fate
To raise the monument of sorrow
To the cruelty of the human race.

Misha Gordin, Crowd 1