Jamie Baldridge - The Everywhere Chronicles

The Everywhere Chronicles
Photographs and short story by Jamie Baldridge
Afterword by John Wood
Edition: 17 Deluxe copies numbered 1 - 17 and 33 copies numbered 18-50
12 bound, plus 1 fully signed and free-standing, pigment ink prints
Handcrafted in New England


The Everywhere Chronicles are about a man. A man named James Hogsmeath, of the Pliny-on-Tyne Hogsmeaths, photographer by trade and inadvertent adventurer cum discoverer by circumstance. Quite an ordinary man by all accounts. A man described by the laundress residing on his street as, "The most ordin'ry man Ai have ev'r had the pleasure of cleanin'. His vests and shirts o' course, not him, Ai'm a respectable laidy after all." The Everywhere Chronicles are based on the discovery of Mr. Hogsmeath's journals and photographs after his demise at Saint Tibulas Asylum at the age of ninety-seven and three quarters, having choked to death on one of the forty Dr. Silas's Longevity pills he swallowed just prior to his expiration. It would seem that not only does Providence have a terrible sense of humor but an abysmal sense of timing.