Eikoh Hosoe - Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil
Poems by Charles Baudelaire
Translated by John Wood
Photographs and Afterword by Eikoh Hosoe
Edition: 65 numbered, 5 lettered, and 2 hors commerce copies
10 bound, plus 1 fully signed and free-standing, platinum prints
18 x 15 inches
Handcrafted in New England


John Wood suggested to Eikoh Hosoe that we pair his work with the poet, Charles Baudelaire, and Eikoh told John that Baudelaire was his favorite poet. They each initially selected 11 poems---9 of them matched! Eikoh and I spent a full day, as John Stevenson hosted us at his then Platinum Gallery in Chelsea, for the signing ritual of the platinum prints and the colophon pages. Eikoh was methodical in signing all of his prints. He would sign for an hour and then close his eyes for 15 minutes or so. It was a real dance and an honor to watch. I admire him and his demeanor, which is not unlike what I would expect if I were to meet the Buddha. In fact, I believe I did.  -Steven Albahari