Gideon Bosker - Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart
Photographs by Michael Murray
Texts by Gideon Bosker and John Stauffer
With a poem by John Wood
15 bound and 16 loose pigment ink prints
Plus 2 images printed on anodized aluminum presented as an A-frame sculpture
Edition: 46 copies
15.5 x 15.5 inches

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Handcrafted in New England


...even beyond the trompe l'oiel radiating from his photographs, within the span of only a few minutes, we understood that what made his images so compelling was their capacity to lure us into the "seat of the soul" of virtually every site he chronicled. The facades, the ornamentation, the materials, the volumetric juxtapositions, vegetation, and atmospheric conditions-in their hyper-aggregated state-were woven into eerie tapestries that captured the personality, emotive qualities, and narrative essence of the places he had targeted with his camera. With one diligent pan of the retina, we concluded, Murray's photographs confronted the world atomized into a single microsphere, rendered newly coherent and structured around an anthropocentric vantage point.   -Gideon Bosker