Gilded Circles and Sure Trouble: The Art of Josephine Sacabo and Keagan LeJeune

Gilded Circles and Sure Trouble
Photogravures by Josephine Sacabo
Poems by Keagan LeJeune
Introduction by John Wood
Edition: 50 sets
10 photogravures printed using Sekishu Japanese tissue
on 20 x 16 inch Somerset Velvet paper
12 x 10 inch letterpress book illustrated with 10 platinum prints
Handcrafted in New England

A set of gum-over-platinum prints by Josephine Sacabo is available at


From the moment I made my first gravure, I realized I've been trying to do this for thirty years in the darkroom ...jumping through every hoop I can think of to come up with this effect. This is what I've been looking for...  -Josephine Sacabo

An exquisite form of image making, the hand-made photogravure is the aristocrat of the rarest, arcane photographic processes. Early masters, Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand, all considered photogravures to be the most sensitive means of aesthetic expression. But it is a method so fine and difficult that it has ever since teetered on the edge of extinction in the modern world. In her mastery of gravure, with her eye and heart now extended to her hand, virtually no other important photographer today shows such a constellation of qualities. -John Stevenson