Imogen Cunningham: Platinum and Palladium

Imogen Cunningham: Platinum and Palladium
Introduction by Elizabeth Partridge
Excerpts from an interview with Imogen Cunningham conducted by Rondal Partridge
Academy Award nominated documentary by Meg Partridge
10 bound platinum prints including 1 frontispiece portrait by Rondal Partridge,
1 vintage silver print, 1 platinum print printed by Rondal Partridge (son), and 3 loose platinum prints
Edition: 35 numbered copies.
18 x 14 inches
Handcrafted in New England


I never photograph ugliness. I am afraid I am a little too aesthetic to be anything but old-fashioned. I agree to that. I let myself be old-fashioned, why shouldn't I? I have a formula for how to make a good photograph; I think that in order to make a good photograph, you have to be enthusiastic. That is, you have to think about it, like a poet would.

I think everything you do is something of a contribution, unless it's no good. Then you better hide it. What I like to see about a photograph, is everything smoothly in focus—or if it's out of focus, for a purpose. And, the quality and gradations of value, rendered, more nearly and accurately in a smaller photograph. I don't mean tiny, but I mean, not too big. I think still photography has more of an aesthetic appeal, that is the single photograph.

- Imogen Cunningham,
excerpt from an interview conducted by Rondal Partridge
(included in Platinum and Palladium)