Imogen Cunningham: Symbolist

Imogen Cunningham: Symbolist
Poetry and Prose by William Morris
Introduction by John Wood
Printed letterpress on handmade Twinrocker paper
3 loose Imogen Cunningham Trust prints printed in gum arabic:
The Dream, 1910; Veiled Woman, 1910; and The Wood Beyond the World, 1910.
9 bound Imogen Cunningham Trust Prints, including 1 frontispiece nude self-portrait,
of Cunningham's early Symbolist work from 1905-1915.
Edition: 45 copies
18 x 14 inches
Handcrafted in New England


In 2012, 21st Editions and the Imogen Cunningham Trust announced the first in a trilogy of books on the work of Imogen Cunningham. Imogen Cunningham: Platinum and Palladium was announced in March and sold out within days.  
Imogen Cunningham: Symbolist with Poetry and Prose by William Morris is the second book in our trilogy on one of the most important women in the history of photography. The pairing of Morris is appropriate because of his influence early on in her career while she was creating her iconic Symbolist works. The thirteen Imogen Cunningham Trust prints are in the lavish gum-arabic and platinum processes which were popular at the time of their creation.