John Wood | Steven Albahari - The Imponderable Heart of Meaning

The Imponderable Heart of Meaning
Poems by John Wood
Photographs by Steven Albahari
This marks our sixteenth year and fiftieth title
Edition: 20 numbered and 2 publisher's copies
13 bound, plus 5 free-standing, fully signed platinum prints
13 x 15 inches
Handcrafted in New England


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In this sixteen-year celebration of 21st Editions, I asked John Wood, Editor, Co-founder, and my now dearest friend and confidant, if he would be willing to create a body of poems that might be inspired by my early career photographs. Rather than discussing the history of the press, together we thought it would be more telling to share some of the work that came before and that led to the beginning of our unprecedented endeavor.  
-Steven Albahari

Though I have been writing poetry for over half a century, I cannot say I know where poetry comes from, but I know it is very hard to make a poem from a work of visual art. I said I'd try and with a great box of Steve's prints before me, I was surprised to see how words quickly started to appear and shape themselves into lines and eventually poems. In every case it was his visual magic that inspired the poem. So these poems are a real monument to our years of friendship and work together.  
-John Wood