The Journal of Joel-Peter Witkin


The Journal of Joel-Peter Witkin
Hand-bound with 15 signed platinum prints and text printed in letterpress
Edition: 40 numbered 1-40, the first 15 of which are bound in vellum, and 7 copies lettered A-G
Journal: 10 x 10 inches|  Folio: 16 x 13 inches
Handcrafted in New England

This is true of art
because the heart (and soul)
must grow in love and compassion.
The artist's vocation is to purify
his heart & soul in order to develop a
personal vision,
to create
a sacred dimension.



AFTERWORD by Witkin: Photography as with all other media is a way of recording emotion. To present an idea! My aim has always been to make photographs which represent the state of my mind and Soul. The early work deals with the joy and mystery of symbolism and depiction. The work of the 70’s & 80’s combine these and the myth of Xesh. The work which follows is more & more about morality. This work has, at it core, “moral emotion.” The fear of death and the seeking of God. My life is three-quarters over. I want the images of this last quarter to be even wiser in their splendor and misery of a life lived for God and for art. The subject of the work is myself and the beings and objects which show the wounds of time and life. I try to redeem this reality, because our job in life is to redeem life, as Christ redeemed us. I want to be remembered as a maker of powerful moral imagery—as a man who sought and found truth in his life.