MacLean Gander - The New City

The New City
Poems by MacLean Gander
Introduction by John Wood
Edition: 53 copies numbered 1-53 and 15 Deluxe copies numbered I-XV
17 bound, plus 2 fully signed and free-standing, platinum prints
14 x 9 inches
Handcrafted in New England


John Wood calls MacLean Gander's The New City (2008) the greatest epic poem on America since those by Whitman and Crane. In his introduction, John writes that "Hayman's images and Gander's words are a perfect pairing, not that the photographs illustrate the poems or that the poems describe the pictures. In fact, neither of these artists knew each other prior to this book, but they both create a sensuous, beautiful, yet realistic and contemporary meditation on New York and on the larger American experience that New York suggests..."