Arthur Tress -Memories


Photographs by Arthur Tress 
Poems by Guillaume Apollinaire
Translated and with an introduction by Dafydd Wood
Essay by John Wood
Edition: 40 numbered copies
10 bound, plus 1 loose platinum prints
16 x 16 inches
Handcrafted in New England


The surreal elements of much of Arthur Tress’s work make it an ideal companion to the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, as does Apollinaire ’s close friendship with Picasso, whose work also accompanied an edition of his poems. Tress is the only photographer of the twentieth century to have created a body of work of the vastness and variety one finds in some of the century’s great painters. Tress, like Picasso, has never been content to repeat himself but has continually reinvented his art. After exploring one style, he has evolved it into another; after exhausting one subject, he has found another. Tress’s work is so varied and inventive that one could mistakenly assume it was the product of different artists; however, there are certain themes and motifs connecting his different imagery and styles, which is also the case, as Dafydd Wood points out, in Apollinaire ’s work.... 

from the essay by John Wood