Love, Graham Nash

Love, Graham Nash
Edition of 80 signed & numbered copies
21 bound, and 9 signed free-standing pigment ink prints
Introduction by Neil Young
Book signed by Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, and Neil Young
Main volume is hand-bound in African Bubinga wood
Lyric transcriptions printed letterpress
Includes custom CD of 17 classic songs
14 x 12 inches
Handcrafted in New England

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When it comes to writing songs, most songs seem to be about love, but when love and love of man seem threatened, especially by politics and war, then the subject changes. Sometimes it is easy to write a song about war, if young people are killed on a college campus in the USA because they were protesting a war they did not believe in, and were threatened with the possibility of having to go and fight in, then that is an easy thing to write about. It comes naturally and you just let it go. Then the wars that seem to be so wasteful come along, and you may be a lot older now, like Graham and I are, well then it is different. We are grown men with experience in the world. Our ideals have been battered by life, but we still cling to them, even though we have learned that men fight wars because they breathe. That makes it a lot harder. It makes you a preacher, a politician, all the things you may not want your music to be, and you are caught up in the web. Anger, loss, desperation, they all come to you and make you write songs that seem to separate people, and you don’t know whether you have won or lost.

Forward by Neil Young
Zurich, Switzerland, August 20th, 2008