George Tice / Adam Johnson - The Janus Turn

The Janus Turn
Short Story by Adam Johnson (2013 Pulitzer Prize, Fiction)
Photographs by George Tice
12 bound and 2 loose platinum prints
Edition: 37 copies
13x15 inches
Handcrafted in New England


“George Tice’s Treescapes and Adam Johnson’s novels and short stories unite the work of two American masters one might think were radically dissimilar. However, in truth they share a similar emotionally ominous vision.... Adam Johnson’s award winning novels, such as his Pulitzer Prize winning Orphan Master’s Son, Parasites Like Us, and his short stories, are well-known for their darkness, for the sharpness and twist of a dull and bitter blade, yet with a redemptive quality usually also present. What then is the commonality these two profound and quintessentially American artists share? I would suggest that it is their rich, deep under-standing of the complexity of the human condition, that Janus turn of the head which encompasses both the best and the worst of us—our partaking of the good and beautiful while also recognizing and accepting the evil and the ugly as part of the human condition. It is our ability with the slightest turn of the head to see the other face of Janus looming before us.” -John Wood

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