To the Wheatlight of June: The Visions of Ben Nixon and Steven Brown

To the Wheatlight of June
Photographs by Ben Nixon
Poems by Steven Brown
Introduction by John Wood
Edition: 50 sets
10 silver gelatin photographs matted 16 x 20 inches
13 x 10 inch letterpress book illustrated with 10 platinum prints
Handcrafted in New England


To the Wheatlight of June brings together the brilliance of Harvard poet Steven Brown with the work of Ben Nixon who printed silver-gelatin prints of another world. Ben uses difficult traditional processes. His silver gelatin prints are hand printed from wet-collodian negatives and then toned with tea. Paste papers, another even older tradition, are patterned or textured papers, often made by applying paint with brushes or handmade tools, and are an integral part of 21st Editions productions. The emphasis on the paste papers in this case extends from the book itself to the ingeniously design portfolio case that doubles as a display stand. This book and portfolio set broke new ground for us both in presentation and execution.