Vincent Serbin -Toward Omega

Toward Omega
Photographs by Vincent Serbin
Poems by Daniel Westover
Introduction by John Wood
Edition: 60 numbered copies
10 bound, plus 1 free-standing, fully signed silver gelatin prints
14 x 11 inches
Handcrafted New England


In 1990 or so, Steven Albahari, 21st Editions' publisher, decided to purchase his very first photograph. It happened to be by Vincent Serbin, who 13 years later, he ended up crossing paths with again and decided to publish, provided that he was able to make all of the prints for the project. He did. John Wood, 21st Editions' editor, paired Vincent's photographs with the brilliance of Daniel Westover (poet, professor and literary critic) who constructed a poem for each image, which is a difficult task indeed.

Equally difficult, as always, was the task given to the binder for the collection. He came up with an inventive vellum and petinaed copper binding, which helped to keep the tipped-in silver prints flat. Each patina was different over an underlying stamp.