The 21st Editions Master Collection of Image, Word, and Artisan Bindings

The 21st Editions Master Collection (1998-2014), 21st Editions' magnum opus, represents a unique collection of handmade photographs, classic and contemporary literature, and fine press books with artisan bindings. Influenced by the great accomplishments of the likes of Alvin Langdon Coburn, Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Curtis, Maxime DuCamp, Peter Henry Emerson, William Morris, Alfred Stieglitz, and William Henry Fox Talbot, this collection is unique, comprehensive and without equal in its diversity of image, word and craft. 

The 21st Editions Master Collection is the very first and likely last collection of its kind. There are currently thirteen full and complete sets in the world, to which books are still being added. Five of these are in private collections and one belongs to an academic institution. Of the remaining seven complete sets, the publisher is offering one set comprised of Deluxe Editions as well as one set comprised of both Deluxe and Museum EditionsCurrently, the two collections offered are each comprised of 46 and 48 titles of bound books and portfolios, with 570 handmade photographs (495 signed) and 702 handmade photographs (652 signed), respectively. The majority of the photographic prints are hand-coated platinum and palladium prints while the balance is made up of silver-gelatin, photogravure, kallitype, cyanotype, and pigment-ink prints. The bindings are uncompromisingly rich and varied. Photographers include Imogen Cunningham, Flor Garduño, Eikoh Hosoe, Michael Kenna, Sally Mann, Sheila Metzner, Robert ParkeHarrison, Masao Yamamoto, Joel-Peter Witkin, and many others.

For further details please call Pam Clark or Steven Albahari at 508-398-3000.